Now in Ecuador!

We are now in the second month of the Andean Medicine project and a lot has happened in the last four weeks.

As project Experienced Researcher it has been a very intense month for me, firstly packing up my house in York, then attending The American Society for Ethnohistory conference in Nashville 9th – 12th November. Here I presented a paper and had the opportunity to meet and network with many specialists in the field and expand my knowledge of a discipline that I need as part of the multi-disciplinary focus of the work. Finally, I travelled here to Quito, Ecuador, which is where I will be based for the next two years, at the University of San Francisco, Quito.

The initial phase of the work comprising a review of the principal bibliographic sources is now essentially achieved. The next phase is an ‘attribute analysis’ of relevant artefacts and iconographic motifs from archaeological museums in the study area. This will produce a reference base of stylistic motifs to contribute to the database of key ideas employed in pre-Columbian societies relevant to concepts of health and healing.

The Northern Andean paramo Imbabura, Ecuador

As this phase of the work develops, I aim to share any interesting discoveries or insights made through this website blog, so I hope readers will follow me and offer any comments or feedback via the Contact page.

Traditional Andean feast

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