What can the archaeological and ethnohistorical records tell us about the way people adapt their health beliefs and attitudes to illness in the face of war, dislocation and persecution?

‘MEDICINE’ is a new project funded under the EC Horizon 2020 Marie-Sklodowska Curie Actions, to determine concepts of health and healing from a culturally specific indigenous context, using a framework of interdisciplinary methods which integrates archaeological-historical, ethnographic and modern health sciences approaches.

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General Archive of the Indies, Seville
Wednesday 28th June 2017
To visit Seville is to gain firsthand a deeper insight into and experience of the source and nature of Christian Catholic belief systems which were imposed upon Amerindian cultures at the time of the conquest by Spain in the 16th century.
Wednesday 28th June 2017
March, April and May have been the most dynamic months for the project, starting with the visit to the Archivos Históricos Arzobispales in Lima early March, followed by the Society for American Archaeology Meetings in Vancouver early April.
82nd Annual Meeting of the SAAs, Vancouver
Wednesday 19th April 2017
Only a week after my return from Lima I was back on the plane again, this time heading way up north to Canada. It felt rather a culture shock, to say nothing of a climatic shock too.

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